Breath. Alignment. Movement. 

In my own yoga practice, these elements combine to bring about a state of joyful well-being. Through my teaching, I work to bring these elements together for others to experience balance, renewal, and joy. 

Starting Nov. 29, 2020, I am teaching on Moxie.xyz, a website for live interactive fitness classes. You can check out my teaching schedule below. I have two different yoga classes per week, plus a meditation class and a martial-arts-inspired fitness class. If you've never used Moxie before, be sure to click the link for first-time users to get a $15 credit.

Please click here to see more about my yoga teaching.

I also have videos on my YouTube channel, SM Yoga. During last spring and summer I was doing a weekly free live-flow class. The response was encouraging--thank you to everyone who has tuned in! Since I will be teaching more on Moxie now, the videos I'll be doing for YouTube will be mostly shorter, more targeted practices. Occasionally I will add class-length videos that will be accessible for free, so please subscribe to get notifications. 

Please contact me at susieyoga568@gmail.com if you would like to be on my email list!

I encouraged donations to the following organizations in lieu of payment to me for my free live YouTube classes:

Equal Justice Initiative

I would also like to recommend the following wonderful yoga teachers to all those who would
like to explore more yoga practice and support women of color: 
Yoga teachers/studios:

Nikki Morrissette: https://linktr.ee/VeNikaNiki, on Instagram as @venika.music; online donation-based classes

Deidra Demens: https://www.deidrademensyoga.com, on Instagram as @deidrademensyoga, online group classes on sliding scale, also private classes

Urban Asanas, on Instagram as @urbanasanas, group classes on Zoom

BK Yoga Club, on Instagram as @bkyogaclub, group classes on Zoom

Thank you!

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