Breath. Alignment. Movement. 

In my own yoga practice, these elements combine to bring about a state of joyful well-being. Through my teaching, I work to bring these elements together for others to experience balance, renewal, and joy. 

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Please check out my new YouTube channel, SM Yoga. During the spring and summer I was doing a weekly free live-flow class. The response was encouraging--thank you to everyone who has tuned in! It has been a great experience learning how to do these videos. They are still on the homespun side, but that feels right to me. I'm saving all the live videos, so you can watch them any time. I hope to add more videos soon, with both yoga and other fitness practices. I've taken a break from the free weekly live classes while I re-assessed my teaching. I'll be starting up again soon with online classes. Please contact me at susieyoga568@gmail.com if you would like to be on my email list!

I encouraged donations to the following organizations in lieu of payment to me for my free live classes:

Equal Justice Initiative

I would also like to recommend the following wonderful yoga teachers to all those who would
like to explore more yoga practice and support women of color: 
Yoga teachers/studios:

Nikki Morrissette: https://linktr.ee/VeNikaNiki, on Instagram as @venika.music; online donation-based classes

Deidra Demens: https://www.deidrademensyoga.com, on Instagram as @deidrademensyoga, online group classes on sliding scale, also private classes

Urban Asanas, on Instagram as @urbanasanas, group classes on Zoom

BK Yoga Club, on Instagram as @bkyogaclub, group classes on Zoom

Thank you!

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